The Release 3 or « RL03 » of the CNES/GRGS time series of gravity field models, based on the reprocessed « V2 » version of the GRACE level-1b data, is now available in its monthly and 10-day version from here.


THE GRACE PLOTTER : a new website for plotting and comparing GRACE solutions We propose to the community of GRACE users a new website for plotting and comparing GRACE solutions. On this website you will be able to plot time series of GRACE solutions in terms of equivalent water height… Continue Reading

New mean field

You can download the new mean gravity field EIGEN-6S2 which results from the cooperation between GFZ (GeoForschungsZentrum, Potsdam) and CNES/GRGS on the « EIGEN » series of models. This model is proposed for the ITRF2013 standards. EIGEN-6S2 is complete to degree and order 260. It is based on a GFZ internal GRACE+GOCE… Continue Reading