ERA-Interim/TUGO DEALIASING PRODUCTS (3 h data sampling, 1980-2017)


The ERA-Interim/TUGO dealiasing products contain the time-variable 3D gravitational potential of the atmosphere and ocean masses. A mean value of the original grids based on 10 years of data (2001-2010) has been subtracted from the time series, therefore these products represent only the time-variable part of the atmosphere and ocean masses attraction.

They were computed from:

  • The ERA-interim reanalysis of ECMWF (60 model levels, every 3 hours ) for the atmospheric part;
  • The TUGO barotropic model (Florent Lyard, LEGOS/CNRS) for the oceanic response to the ERA-interim pressure and wind forcing (every 3 hours).

The computation was performed by Pascal Gégout (GET/CNRS), integrating the gravitational potential at each model level in order to obtain the total gravitational effect outside the atmospheric masses; this is why it is called a « 3D » gravitational potential.

The solid Earth response to this time-variable atmosphere & ocean potential has been taken into account through the use of the kp Love numbers (Gégout P., article in preparation).

Click on the link below to access the dealiasing products (125 Mb/year).

As of 2023/05/01, these products are available for the years 1980 to 2017 included.

DOWNLOAD HERE : Atmosphere and ocean gravitational potential

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tar -xvf AOD1B_CNES_YYYY.tar