February 22nd, 2020: New RL05 solutions added

We added 5 monthly solutions and 7 10-day solutions that were missing in our December release.

Please download the tar.gz archives and movies again if you downloaded them before February 22nd 2020.

The news months are: 2012/08, 2012/09, 2014/01, 2014/05, and 2016/08. The new 10-day solutions are: 2008/06/27, 2008/07/17, 2015/12/18, 2016/01/07, 2016/08/04, 2016/08/14, and 2016/08/24.

We also updated our monthly and 10-day dealiasing fields.


December 11th, 2019: RL05 solutions are available

Our new release RL05 is now available at monthly and 10-day time-resolution!


Download RL05 solutions

SH models Geoid grids
and images
EWH grids
and images
Monthly Monthly SH models Monthly geoid grids


Monthly EWH grids


Monthly dealiasing
10-day 10-day SH models 10-day geoid grids


10-day EWH grids


10-day dealiasing


Interactive tools

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