Mean gravity field models The links below give access to the models. For a description of how the models are built, go to the tabs « Release 01 », « Release 02 » or « Release 03 ». You can use the interactive tool to compute the mean-variable gravity field at a given date, or download… Continue Reading

Release 01

EIGEN-GL04S EIGEN-GL04S is a strictly static gravity field model, up to degree and order 150 from GRACE and LAGEOS data only. It is given in normalized spherical harmonic (SH) coefficients in ITRF2000, and uses exactly 2 years of GRACE + LAGEOS data (73 10-day periods between 2003/02/24 and 2005/02/23). Its… Continue Reading

Release 02

EIGEN-GRGS.RL02.MEAN-FIELD EIGEN-GRGS.RL02.MEAN-FIELD is a static gravity field model, up to degree and order 160, based on 4.5 years of GRACE and LAGEOS data (March 2003 to September 2007). It includes time-variable terms up to degree and order 50. Reference epoch is 2005.00; Tide convention is « tide free »; The field is… Continue Reading

Release 03

Nota bene: For the computation of the periodic coefficients, see the note at the bottom of the  » Introduction tab » page. EIGEN-GRGS.RL03.MEAN-FIELD EIGEN-GRGS.RL03.MEAN-FIELD is complete to degree and order 260. It is based on EIGEN-6S2 for the part between degree 81 and 260. The time-variable gravity (TVG) coefficients between degrees… Continue Reading