Spherical harmonics coefficients format

This is the description of the GRGS format, used for variable and static fields, including additionnal time-variable components. It is also called GINS format, GINS being the name of our orbit computation software. See « Body » and « Comments » for details about the time-variable components. For a description of the extended GRACE… Continue Reading

Grids format

10(1X,E13.6): 1-degree-square mean geoid height differences (in METERS) between 30-day solutions and EIGEN_GL04S static solution. 6480 lines ; 64800 mean values ( 1deg. x 1deg. ) sorted by row from left to right, starting from longitude -179.5, latitude 89.5.(The first 360 values concern latitude 89.5, the next 360 latitude 88.5,… Continue Reading

Dates format

Julian date 1950 is such that 18262.0 = 01/01/2000 at 0h TAI e.g. 10day_model.19422_19431 includes data between March 06, 2003 at 0h and April 04, 2003 at 24 H Here are the dates of the 10-day periods in different formats from 2002/07/29 to 2012/12/31 Year / Month / Day Year… Continue Reading