Friday October 5th 2018: RL04-v1 available

Our new release RL04-v1 is now available!


Since there has been a change on February 1st 2018, in the IERS conventions, on the definition of the mean pole model (Section 7.1.4 has been rewritten to include the secular pole and remove the former quadratic mean pole), the time series of GRACE spherical harmonic solutions from CNES/GRGS are provided in both the old IERS2010 convention (quadratic mean pole) and in the new one (linear mean pole). Only the C(2,1) and S(2,1) coefficients differ between the two versions.

Description of the RL04 Release: RL04 description

Download RL04-v1 solutions

RL04-v1 SH models Geoid grids and images EWH grids and images Dealiasing
(2002/08 – 2017/06)
Official GRACE format (quadratic mean pole)

Official GRACE format (linear mean pole)





Official GRACE format
10-day Coming soon Coming soon Coming son Coming soon

Missing monthly solutions:

150 monthly solutions are available between 2002/09 and 2016/06. The following monthly solutions are missing:

2002/08, 2002/12, 2003/01, 2003/06, 2011/01, 2011/06, 2012/10, 2013/03, 2013/08, 2013/09, 2014/02, 2014/07, 2014/12, 2015/06, 2015/10, 2015/11, 2016/04, 2016/07, 2016/08, 2016/09, 2016/10, 2016/11, 2016/12, 2017/01, 2017/02, 2017/03, 2017/04, 2017/05, 2017/06.

Reference fields used to compute the grids:

Here is the static reference field used to compute the geoid and equivalent water height grids:

This static field corresponds to the average field at the middle of the data span, i.e. 2008/09.

Interactive tools

See this page for interactive visualization.