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We have fixed two bugs in some parts of the data we provide on this site, affecting the period from July 29th 2002 to August 25th 2010:

  • One bug introduced an error on geoid and water grids (GRGS format) at high latitudes (maximum of 10%).
  • The other one is related to the dealiasing products: loading effect was not taken into account in our GAA and GAB files.

These two bugs have been fixed.

Please discard the previous version of grids and dealiasing products (2002-07-29 to 2010-08-25) and download the new ones. If you only downloaded SH models (coefficients), you are not affected by this problem.

RL02 corrected
(see note above)
SH modelsGeoid heights
Grids & Images
Grids & Images
July 29th 2002
August 24th 2012
GRGS format


Official GRACE format

GRGS format


Official GRACE format

GRGS format


Official GRACE format

Official GRACE format


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