RL02 Time-variable gravity fields

The second release of CNES/GRGS gravity field models (10-day models) Latest models 2012/12/05: 17 new gravity field models are available, covering January 28th to August 24th 2012! 4 fields are missing (from April 17th to May 26th) due to accelerometer gaps. 2012/04/24: 15 new gravity field models are available, covering… Continue Reading

RL02 Products description

Spherical harmonic coefficients of 10-day gravity field models These are 10-day gravity field models from SH degree 2 up to SH degree and order 50, given every 10 days, using GRACE and LAGEOS data (in ITRF2000). Models are provided every 10 days and are based solely on the 10 days… Continue Reading

RL02 Download products

Formats See formats of the files Download archive files (.tar.gz) We have fixed two bugs in some parts of the data we provide on this site, affecting the period from July 29th 2002 to August 25th 2010: One bug introduced an error on geoid and water grids (GRGS format) at… Continue Reading